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Dear users:

Funcoin will list Chitose Buddha (QSFC) at 12:00 (Seoul time) on 2018.05.20 and open QSFC/ETH market. Enjoy and have fun with QSFC!

QSFC is created with ether data and block chain technology as the core. In the ‘Intelligent tour’, any equipment in the internet is like a sensor including phones, cars, channels and even streetlights. With the help of the decentralized block chain technology and distributed features, it can prevent the center from being destroyed and hacked. The feature of being distorted difficultly

makes sure of the security and uniqueness of the data. The personal asset and ID information are difficult to be embezzled. The block chain makes the asset transparent and digital. QSFC serves for every customer with intelligent contact and customized tour coordinated system. It realizes the distribution of the tour asset base on block chain technology. By making multiple components and multiple processors work at the same time, it handles different asset models in a distributed way. The accommodation is separated from entertainment and so does the traffic and medical treatment. Under the unified control of the control system, it is fast and effective enough to handle  large-scale tasks.

Block query: https://etherscan.io/address/0x7001e748d4f4f05e2e8398478da3aee6e60530cc

Total agent coin: 5000000000

Rate instruction: buy/sell 0.1%, withdraw 20 QSFC/per order

Risk attention: Digital coin is a investment with a high risk and anyone should pay attention when investing.

Funcoin will always pick the hight quantity currencies but we do not make guarantees and 

compensate for users’ personal investment.

Thank you once again for your support to Funcoin!

Funcoin Team

May 16, 2018

Funcoin Community
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