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Dear Users:

Funcoin will list Era Bank(EBK) at 12:00 on 2018.05.15(Seoul time) and open EBK/ETH market at the same time.Join us and have fun with EBK!

The recharge and withdraw service of EBK is opened
  now. You can log in Funcoin and check it out in the financial center.

Era Bank Token(EBK) aims to strengthen trusts among organizations based on block chain technology and provide a cheap and fast way for traditional payment. With the benefit of the traditional financial institution resource in India and the other countries as well as the large demand of the local inclusive financial system, it encourages the investors of the low-rate countries to invest the financial credit markets of the high-rate countries. As a result, it will promote the marketization and cash flow of the inclusive financial markets in the world.


EBK is also able to ensure that benefits of every organization will not be interrupted and altered by anyone with the help of the intelligent contact and multi-signature technology in block chain.


Official website: http://www.erabank.net/

Block query: https://etherscan.io/address/0x626469a344a859d078b68462c28d1a706b1d3aac


Rates instruction:buy/sell:0.1%  withdraw:0.5%


Risk instruction:Digital coins are investments with a high risk.Investor should buy them carefully and pay attention to the risk.


Funcoin will always pick the high quality coins but we do not take responsibilities for guarantees and indemnification of investments.


Thank you once again for your support to Funcoin!


Funcoin Team

May 14,2018

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