The fifth super rebate of Funcoin


Dear users:


Funcoin has been online for five months.We will offer a fifth rebate for users who help funcoin with the market promotion(2018.04.13--2018.5.12).Users meeting the conditions could check your income in the My Promotion column of the financial center.Thanks for your support.

Users who didn’t get the rebate could share your links and invite your friends to enjoy Funcoin.

PS:The time of the rebate which means 30% of the trading fee is one year!


We are developing the new version of our official website and APP.They will be released in June:

1 Firstly created block chain Game Center in the world. 2 Get listed independently and vote to be listed functions. 3 The first time line for users in the world. 4 Opening of the C2C trading and more trading markets. 5 Query and trade API. The speed of deals is 50 times faster than current version and it can space millions of people trade at the same time. There are more surprises to be found! Just have fun in Funcoin!

Then we will start the real-time rebate system. (If the friends invited trade in Funcoin, 30% of the trading fee will be added to your account immediately)


Thank you once again for your support to Funcoin!


Funcoin Team


May 12,2018

Funcoin Community